Drone Services


Drone technology provides low cost access to services that would otherwise be prohibitively expensive. I currently fly for Counter, which allows me to extend my services to include video editing, marketing, and more.

I offer services across a variety of industries and applications…


Some examples of videography work incorporating my drone footage are shown below.

Mapping and Surveying

Utilizing photogrammetry techniques, we create high resolution maps and models of large areas and construction sites. Automated flight gathers thousands of high resolution images, and software stitches them together into the final product.

The images shown were produced with a final resolution of 0.35 inches per pixel over a site of 8 acres. Additionally, these images are tagged using GPS, allowing for precise analysis by construction and engineering teams.

Detailed Inspections

Along with the ability to produce 2D maps, we are additionally able to produce 3-dimensional data allowing for the creation of highly detailed heightmaps and 3D models.

Applications include analyzing drainage, finding low spots, surveying agricultural sites, and large scale roof inspections.